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hammock with wool cushion (detailed picture). Green backyard with grass and pines

10% OFF / Hammock + Wool Cushion. All Natural. Oeko-tex Certified Wool Filling.

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We are collaborating with the amazing craftsmen at the Home of Wool to provide a hammock with their beautiful matching cushion and we offer you 10% off both the hammock and the cushion.

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● 100% Cotton (heavyweight, unbleached, Oeko-tex certified) - link to the fabric https://goo.gl/qn1fWo
● 49% Linen / 51% Cotton - link to the fabric https://goo.gl/j73k1f
● 62% Linen / 38% Cotton blend (Oeko-Tex certified) - link to the fabric https://goo.gl/aKs7Lr
● 100% Linen (from flax, Oeko-Tex certified) - link to the fabric  https://goo.gl/7s1vXG

CUSHION DIMENSIONS: 105 x 210 x 4 cm ( 41.5" x 83" x 1.6" )

CUSHION FILLING: 100% Pure new Oeko-Tex certified wool batting- link to the fabric https://goo.gl/PCpDnN 

Handmade and hand tufted.

Promotes peaceful sleep
Environmentally sustainable
Wicks moisture away from the body
Regulates body temperature
Naturally hypoallergenic
Dust mite resistant
Mildew resistant

1. Once a year, on a sunny day, allow the cushion to air out (sun has a natural cleaning ability).
2. Stains on the cushion should be treated using a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water and then air-dried completely, in sunlight if possible.


  • Model "Kipla"
  • Model "Mayangna"
  • Model "Miskitu"
  • Model "Wiwili"

** All models come in Cream, Dark blue, Coffee, Light grey cotton rope.


This Nicaraguan Hammock with wooden bars is tested and certified by Bureau Veritas.

These traditional hammocks are handwoven from miles of soft cotton. The thread is double stitched to make the net harder to tangle and much more durable. This high quality process makes this hammock much more heavy than others. Each hammock weight more than 6,5 kg.

This Hammock is for:
1-2 people (MATRIMONIAL)

Material: Cotton and Guazuma Wood


13-15 ft (396-457 cm) Length
at least 3 ft 9 in ( 114.3 cm) Height
at least 4 ft (122 cm) Width

For shorter distance, please write me!


Size: ~ 363 x 105 x 25 cm (~143" x 41" x 10")
Bed size: ~ 210x105 cm (~83'' x 41'')
Weigh: ~ 6.3 kg (~ 14 lbs)
These have a weight carrying capacity up to 120 kg
Thread's thickness : 33 threads
Weaving method: Double stitch

- Double stitch weaving for comfort, flexibility, durability, and breathability.
- 100% cotton handwoven
- Wooden beads and special fringe with tassels and scalloped edging as hanging ornaments (see the picture details)
- Wooden Rod handmade in Guazuma Wood

The hardware for hanging or the stand is not included. You can choose one clicking here.

Nicaraguan Hammocks adjust to your body and is harmless to your back, and can be used in any type of climate, indoor or outdoor.

Always hang from a secure support!
Babies should never be left unattended!
Please use responsibly, we are not responsible for any possible injuries incurred while using this product.

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