Investing in a new generation of Environmental Leaders

Investing in a new generation of Environmental Leaders

The Agualí Biological Station has created a one-a-half year program for 25 young people that facilitates high-quality education, using English-learning as a tool to acquire new skills in environmental education and multiple other skills. 

In order to carry on with this project, they need Your support to be able to sponsor as many students as possible, the cost for the whole program is worth twice than requested; however, they ask for a contribution of USD 40 per month for each student, and other costs will be covered by the Biological Station and Matagalpa Tours. Any minor donation is welcome as well!

Today has been a bit over a month since they started with English and Skill learning program. There are now 26 young fellows developing speaking abilities and entering the secret world of the forest!

If You like their program and are willing to support a Nicaraguan student with a full or partial scholarship to invest in the education of future environmental locals leaders, please fill this form

Hang A Hammock Collective already did it, what do you wait for? 
Like Agualì, we believe in the importance of education as much as of biodiverse reforestation!

Agualí Biological Station

Some more information:

- Agualí was born in 2011 as an environmental education project developed by Matagalpa Tours with the main objective of generating activities for the conservation and recovery of ecosystems.
- The word AGUALÍ is a combination of words originating from the Matagalpa language: = water and gualí = networks
- The Biological Station is located in the north of Nicaragua into the beautiful Apante Reserve.

Cerro Apante Reserve and agualì
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