Learning leather crafting

Learning leather crafting

About two years ago all Hang A Hammock Collective team took part to a leather's workshop in our work place. Beside hammocks and swings we wanted to learn some new skills.

Leatherworking, also known as leather crafting, is the practice of transforming leather into practical objects or artworks, using molding, carving, stamping, dyeing and fabrication techniques. We started with the basics of leatherworking.

Once you start leatherworking, you will be able to apply basic knowledge and techniques to a vast number of projects.

This was the main objective: sharing knowledge and skills, which could be helpful to find new work opportunity in the future or just as a hobby!

Below some pictures that tell about this positive tho days experience:

leather craftsman teaching

Our teacher

leather workshop

Starting with the basics of leatherworking

leather crafts

Learning together, the best way to do get it

exercising with leather

Cutting the leather

people having fun with leather

Leatherworking is also fun


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