Preparation of a dynamic business plan

Preparation of a dynamic business plan

What there is behind a hammock? Not only raw materials and manpower but also a coordinated team of people motivated to do better and better every day.

Yesterday we started to work on our new business plan, all together.


The approach started from the personal vision of each member of the Hang A Hammock Collective and then modeling the collective vision of the company to guide the project during the next three years.

We will develop the process in a participatory way with some systemic analysis tools already used in a similar project, the social business approach from the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) model and implementing some elements of the model of conscious leadership (Spiral Dynamics) from the Universidad de los Andes de Colombia.

We will develop a better business model, modeling all the processes involved to make Hang A Hammock Collective handcrafts. Projections and financial analysis will be part of the project. We will integrate continuous improvement skills training, emphasizing on soft skills.

Here we go!


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