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We got reviewed by hanging-chairs.net !

When Laylah from hanging-chairs.net contacted me on April 18, I could not reply immediately because the social-political crisis in Nicaragua was just started.

The strife in Nicaragua began the day after President Daniel Ortega announced cuts to social-security benefits, along with increases in worker contributions. Students joined elderly pensioners on the streets to protest. Days after the protesters across the country blocked streets with barricades of paving stones.

Masaya, which is flanked by an active volcano and one a crater lake, has few roads in and out, so the city was sealed off with barricades. Nearly every day there were conflicts.

The occurrences happened then could be found in different websites, newspapers and news, depending on the source and the point of view you will often read different stories and conclusions.

What is sure are two things:

  1. the situation in Nicaragua is complicated now
  2. finally, we have been reviewed by Laylah from hanging-chairs.net and you can read the full review here:
    Review: Stylish Macrame Hanging Chair by Hang A Hammock Collective


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