Baby Swing Chair in different greens and cream / light wood

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The Macrame Baby Swings are handmade with quality cotton threads and sustainable wood, safely assembled in our own workshop in Masaya, Nicaragua.

We aim to meet international standards with both quality and safety in mind.

Each Macrame Baby Swing is hand signed and you'll feel a light calming fragrance when open the handmade box.

The pillow cushion makes the swing cozy for your baby to sit in, we suggest to order one for more comfort. 

The chair is compact and you can take it everywhere. Can be used inside or outside.

Make sure to take hammock inside if it's raining to preserve its appearance.


Measurements in inches ("):

L- 14"
W- 14"
H- 10 "

Total height from the ceiling: 43 "

Measurements in centimeters (cm) :

L- 35 cm
W- 35 cm
H- 26 cm

Total height from the ceiling: 110 cm

Baby age: Use only if child can hold head up with full neck and body support Sitting area: 10'' x 10''
Weight limit: 100 lbs (45 kg)

More specs:

  • One hanging point
  • Hang hammock securely at a safe height
  • Attach to a proper ceiling or beam. If your ceiling doesn't resist you can also find stand alone hammock swing holders online
  •  Take hammock inside if it's raining to preserve its appearance
  • Spot clean
  • Never leave your baby unattended
  • Use responsibly, we are not responsible for any possible injuries incurred while using this product

The hardware for hanging or the stand is not included. You can choose one clicking here.


The pillow cushion makes the swing cozy for your baby to sit in, we suggest to order one for more comfort. A second cushion could be used for the back or as replacement.

These cushions are handmade and they are filled with 100% cotton fibers.


The Baby Swing Chair is made with care and love by Veronica, Yersi, Martin, David and Alonso; the cushion is made by Maria, an expert seamstress and grandmother. All are permanent artisans of our team "Hang A Hammock Collective", regularly employed.

The wood we use is Madero Negro Wood (Gliricidia sepium) a native fast growing nicaraguan tree and it comes from a sustainable tree farm managed with the help of American University (UAM).


We ensure high quality of work processes to made each Baby Swing Chair.

Each swing chair is quality tested two times before to be packed and shipped.
We follow a procedure in order to warranty a resistance up to 330 lbs (150 Kg), even if your baby will never be heavier more than 100 lbs (45 kg) which is the limit we declare.

The pattern is unique and the chair is safety assembled by double nodes. Wood bars have rounded edges. The seat is also in cotton.

- We use more than 2 pounds (1 kg) of cotton for each chair, that's why the whole chair weight more than 4 pounds (2 kg)
- Each cotton thread is made twisting 33 cotton wires to be sturdy and safe
- Rounded edges
- Handmade carton box to well protect the swing chair and avoid mildew. This is also a more ecological than plastic.


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