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Wooden Vehicles Toys Set

Wooden Vehicles Toys Set

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The beautiful appearance of a wooden toy has a nice side effect: they are timeless and bring up a sense of nostalgia! They are stylish and simply look better than other toys.

Handmade & Sustainable

This set of wooden toys are ethically handcrafted. The wood we use is called Madero Negro (Gliricidia Sepium), a fast-growing Nicaraguan native tree.

The natural textures of wooden toys, 100% natural (no paints, no chemical) stimulate the child's senses as they invite them to touch, feel and explore!

El Bus, El Carrito, La Patineta & La Camioneta

Each set of vehicles consists of 1 Bus, 1 Car, 1 Skate and 1 Truck. 

The 4 different types of wooden vehicles can teach your children that on the roads there are different forms to move around, not only private cars.

Fantasy-filled playing

Wooden toys are simple and the kids must use their own sense of fantasy to play. Wooden toys inspire creative and imaginative play, they help developing cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Wooden toys are classic and are currently experiencing a revival! Because they can keep your child busy with educational, fantasy-filled and fun playtime for hours on end.


We free shipping only wholesale (10 or 20 sets) or if you order 1 set with another product!

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Suitable for children + 3 years old. 

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